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Rumex Industries has four generations of experience (more than 70 years) in the industry of marble, granite, cantera stone and onyx. Rumex Industries is an expert in the secrets of extracting the material from the quarry, its transformation and marketing techniques, as well as the adventure of its design and installation.


Throughout the years, we have perfected the various methods of extraction, transformation and installation of the materials becoming a well established group of companies.


Rumex Industries offers a completely personalized and professional service.


The Family Business Group consists of:

  • Quarry of Black Monterrey Marble

  • Quarry of Amber Emperor Onyx

  • Industrial plants for material transformation

  • Finishing workshops

  • Marketing enterprises


As a group of companies, we can offer a great range of quality services and products, from the most basic products to services for national and international high-end projects. We have worked on a large number of projects for the largest companies in the country and government sector. We have also exported our products to North America, Europe and Asia.

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